RELIGARE Final Booklet on 'Messages to inform policy-making'

RELIGARE Final Booklet

Date: May 2013


This booklet has been conceived with the aim of distilling the essence of the RELIGARE project to inform the policy-making process. The project examines the legal and sociological dimensions of how states manage, in their existing legal and policy systems, their relationship with individuals of diverse faiths and beliefs, while continuing to ensure respect for the principles of freedom and equality that underpin the European Treaty and Charter of Fundamental Rights.

It does not summarise the research project, nor does it provide a synopsis of its considerable contributions to new knowledge on the topic of managing religions and religious diversity as found in the European Union. Rather, it is designed to present the policy-relevant insights of the research in order to support the process of policy-making at EU level and within different national contexts. It explains why RELIGARE is important, presents the four key areas where the interface between the state and individuals’ religious affiliation are at their most sensitive, examines the implications of the research for policy-making and concludes with some topics for consideration to support the policy-making process in the coming years.

The booklet has been prepared on the basis of the project material available on the RELIGARE website, as well as an analysis of the contributions made during a conference to present the results of the research and their implications for policy-making held in December 2012.

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