Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique/PRISME-Société Droit et Religion en Europe (SDRE)

Allee du General Rouvillois 67083 Strasbourg, France

PRISME (Policies, Religions, Institutions and Societies: European Transformations), a joint research unit of the University of Strasbourg and the CNRS, combines two research teams studying contemporary Europe in its political, legal and social dimensions: the SDRE (Society, Law and Religion in Europe) and the GSPE (Centre for European Political Sociology).
Research in the SDRE focuses on law and religion, canon law, the social sciences of religion and European law of human rights. Besides various publications and regular scientific events in those fields of research, SDRE provides several websites and databases in law and sociology of religion.


The team will be composed by Prof. Francis Messner, who will be in charge of the leadership of WP6, State Support. He will also be involved in WP2, Theoretical Framework. He has written many books and articles on financial support of religious activities and bodies over the past twenty years.

Samim Akgönul, Marc Aoun and Franck Fregosi will be involved in the WP6. They are all senior researchers, lawyers and sociologists in religious issues. Anne Fornerod, Doctor in Law, will be in charge of the database (WP2), the newsletter (WP8) and take part in WP6. Anne-Laure Zwilling and Françoise Curtit, Engineers, will be involved in the tasks linked to communication and dissemination (WP8). They are currently responsible for the databases and websites of PRISME.


Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique/PRISME-Société Droi
Allée du Général Rouvillois
Strasbourg 67083
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Françoise Curtit holds a Postgraduate degree in Canon law and comparative law of religion in Europe (2003), a Diploma of the French National School of Library and Information Sciences (1989) and a Master in Political...

Francis Messner is Director of Research at CNRS and Director of UMR 7012 PRISME (University of Strasbourg and CNRS). He is member of the Board of trustees of the University of Strasbourg. He manages the master in Islamology and is a member of the...

Samim Akgönül is associate Professor at Strasbourg University and researcher at the CNRS. He also teaches political science at Syracuse University and International relations at Galatasaray University.

Marc Aoun, PhD in Law, Professor at the University of Strasbourg, Researcher at PRISME-Société, Droit et Religion en Europe. His works mainly deals with legal and religious pluralism, in particular from the historical point of view...

Anne Fornerod, Ph.D. in Public Law, University of Paris XI, 2006, joined the research center CNRS-PRISME in 2006. Once arrived in the CNRS, spent two years working on religious assistance in public schools. Since then,...

Franck Frégosi, PH.D. in Political Sciences, Research Director at CNRS, UMR PRISME (Politique, religion, institutions et sociétés: mutations européennes), Université Strasbourg) and Director...

Anne-Laure Zwilling, PhD, Faculty of religious sciences and theology, University of Lausanne, she is Research assistant in the research center Politique, Religion, Institutions, Sociétés: Mutations Europé...