Academic Community

The academic community is one of the most relevant actors for the RELIGARE project as most of the project outcomes will be produced by its members. The project will therefore contribute with the publication of the research results which will be published in various forms - working papers, policy briefs, academic articles, books, journals, etc. Furthermore, it offers the possibility to the researchers working in the project to make their work visible and accessible. Academics will also be able to interact with policy-makers, stakeholders and civil society organizations during the Policy Dialogue Meetings and Conferences and to present and discuss with them the results of their studies.

Members of the academic community addressed by RELIGARE
> Professors
> Post-doctorates
> PhD students
> University Students with an interest in the topical issues
> Researchers

All of them working on or with an interest in the RELIGARE research matters.

RELIGARE’s contributions to the Academic Community
RELIGARE will deliver high quality research, provide  researchers with the opportunity to make their work visible and enhance debates and exchange of views between the academics and the policy-makers, practitioners, stakeholders, and representatives from the NGOs and civil society by:
> Organizing Policy Dialogue Meetings and Conferences where researchers, policy-makers and Civil Society Organizations will have the opportunity to meet and exchange views.
> Publishing Working Papers that reflect the work being conducted within the RELIGARE project and aimed at stimulating reactions from other experts in the field.
> Delivering Policy briefs – concise, policy-oriented analyses of topical issues, with the aim of interjecting the views of the project researchers into the policy-making process.
> Producing dissemination material consisting of: leaflets, project identity, small publications.

What will RELIGARE produce for the Academic Community?
During the course of the project, RELIGARE will produce Working Papers, Policy Briefs, Books, Reports, three Policy Dialogue Meetings, expected to take place in Brussels, Ankara and Strasbourg and a Final Conference. The Policy Dialogue Meetings will bring together the project partners, academics, policy-makers, representatives from civil society and NGOs to discuss  the project outputs.