Challenges of Religious Accommodation in Family-Law, Labor-Law and Legal Regulation of Public Space and Public Funding. Danish Socio-Legal Research Report

Niels Valdemar Vinding & Lisbet Christoffersen (Centre for European Islamic Thought, University of Copenhagen)
Socio-legal Report - Denmark

Danish research on law and religion traditionally takes its point of departure in state-church-religion relations. Empirically, religion functions intertwined or entangled with public life as civil religion. But also in private life, religious rites are entwined into family life, and consequently still nearly 80% of the Danes are baptized members of the Danish national church, folkekirken, even though they at the same time are among  the most secularized people in the world. Normatively, religion is in the same time understood as narrowly related to precisely such public events and personal rituals.

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