Challenges of Religious Accommodation in Family-Law, Labor-Law and Legal Regulation of Public Space and Public Funding. French Socio-Legal Research Report

Franck FREGOSI (PRISME / University of Strasbourg) & Deniz KOSULU (Institute of Political Studies of Aix-en-Provence)
Socio-legal Report - France

The religious diversity that characterizes French contemporary society, within a high degree of secularization, reveals in this society, probably more than elsewhere, how much the issue of the place of religion sui generis, and of religious minorities in particular, remains a particularly sensitive issue; it refers to what was the struggle for “laïcité” at the beginning of the last century and is also connected with more recent debates on multiculturalism, on without neglecting the issue of the memories of colonial times.

Facing this situation, is it time to rethink the relationship between secular law and religious changing society?


-Are several accommodations with the new religious issues in Family Law and Labor, or in Regulation of Public Space or Public funding about to be put on the political agenda?


-Or, at the opposite, shall we assist to reinforcement of secular law refusing any evolution and taking into account the aims of religious communities?

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