Challenges of Religious Accommodation in Family-Law, Labor-Law and Legal Regulation of Public Space and Public Funding. Turkish Socio-Legal Research Report

Tuğba Tanyeri-Erdemir, Muharrem Erdem, Theresa Weitzhofer-Yurtışık (METU)
Socio-legal Report - Turkey

The main contribution of this work is to underline the tensions and different viewpoints, which help transcend the picture of a homogeneous Muslim Turkish society that is often represented in Turkish state discourse. Furthermore, this study sheds light on argumentations of advocates of restrictions on religion as well as defendents of a more liberal stance of the state towards religion. It argues that these can only be understood against the historical background of the Republic of Turkey and by taking into account the differential treatment of different religious groups by the state as well as the sharp discrepancy between official rights and their implementation in practice, which is more than often random, depending more on personal relations and preferences than on the constitutional principle of equal citizenship.

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