Challenges of Religious Accommodation in Family-Law, Labor-Law and Legal Regulation of Public Space and Public Funding. United Kingdom Socio-Legal Research Report

Ashraf-ul Hoque & Prakash Shah (Queen Mary, University of London)
Socio-legal Report - UK

This report presents a selection of results from the sociological survey conducted as part of the RELIGARE project during 2011. It reveals the views of opinion formers interviewed as part of the survey. Interview participants included members of religious organisations, individuals who work in official and semi-official capacities connected to religious issues in general, a judge, a member of the British House of Lords, members of the press, and public intellectuals. See Annex I for a list of interviewees. This report first presents a background to ethno-religious diversity, starting with a brief history of recent immigration into Britain, and the current picture of ethno-religious diversity, including the role of the Census. It then provides a brief legal context explaining the relevance of the anti-discrimination and human rights legislation and a short discussion of legal pluralism in the UK. The interview results are then presented according to the areas of importance for each of the Work packages: 3 Family, 4 Workplace, 5 Public Space, and 6 State Support.

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