Challenges of Religious Accommodation in Family-law, Labour-law and Legal Regulation of Public Space and Public Funding. Bulgarian Socio-Legal Research Report

Maya Grekova, Iva Kyurkchieva, Maya Kosseva (IMIR)
Socio-legal Report - Bulgaria

The objective of this report is to examine the main tensions in contemporary Bulgarian society concerning the intertwining of religion and secularism. These tensions are manifested in the relations between the secular nation state on the one hand, and different religious organizations and individuals professing various religions on the other.


The study combines a presentation of the national historical context, an overview of the relevant legislation and an analysis of the current social debates based on socio-anthropological fieldwork. The central tensions in the Bulgarian case coincide with the main issues of RELIGARE project: family law, labour law, public and private space (religious private schools, places of worship, religious dress code), state-religion relations, and state funding for religious organisations. The examined topics are presented according to the descending order of their intensity in the Bulgarian public discussions.

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