In order to have a high visibility of the RELIGARE results and to make them accessible and known to the general public, the collaboration with media will be very important. RELIGARE partners will closely cooperate with the different media sources (press, radio, TV, etc.) at EU, national and local level providing interviews and press releases. The different media channels will be regularly informed on the latest developments and recent results of the project by the information provided in this Section. Therefore, RELIGARE will contribute to facilitate access to the background information, project publications and keep them informed on the activities carried out within the project.

Which are the Media channels addressed by RELIGARE?
> Press
> Radio Stations
> TV Stations
> Periodical Journals

All of them at European, National and local level.

RELIGARE’s contributions to the Media
RELIGARE will contribute to the delivery of press releases, interviews and to the involvement of the media in the debates where the project researchers, NGO’s, civil society organizations, policy-makers, practitioners and academics will intervene, by:
> Organizing Policy Dialogue Meetings and Conferences where journalists and representatives from different media sources will have the opportunity to attend and post questions.
> Providing Press Releases directed at the members of the media aiming at announcing or informing on the latest activities and outcomes of the project.
> Delivering Policy briefs – concise, policy-oriented analyses of topical issues, with the aim of interjecting the views of the project researchers into the policy-making process. Short and synthesized publications that will be helpful for the media to pick up the main lines of the research results.
> Producing dissemination material consisting of: Leaflets, Project Identity, small publications which the media can access in order to have information background on the project.

What will RELIGARE produce for the Media?
During the course of the project, RELIGARE will produce Press Releases, Policy Briefs, and three Policy Dialogue Meetings, expected to take place in Brussels, Ankara and Strasbourg and a Final Conference. The Policy Dialogue Meetings will bring together the project partners, academics, policy makers, representatives from civil society and NGOs to discuss on the project outputs. Furthermore, the consortium partners will actively collaborate with the media offering interviews and providing them with the relevant material.