WORKSHOP on 'Accommodating religion in the public space. Looking beyond Europe' - Sofia, Bulgaria, 20 October 2011

On the 20th October 2011, the research group working on 'The Public Space' (WP5) is organizing a Workshop titled 'Accommodating religion and belief in the public space. Looking beyond Europe' in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Through this workshop WP5 would like to look beyond the European borders and see what Europe can learn from the experience of other countries regarding the place to be given to religion(s) and belief(s) in the public space.

The notions of secular State and neutral public space - that in different forms have been dominant in Europe for a long time - are now widely debated. Many think that it would be a mistake to get rid of them, but at the same time are convinced that we need to adapt them to the transformations that are taking shape in the European religious and cultural landscape. In this context, a vigorous debate on legal pluralism has developed. India, Israel and Turkey provide us with three different models to analyze the interaction between secular and plural in the building of the public space. This issue will be explored with particular reference to dress codes, places of worship and religiously oriented private schools (the three case studies selected by WP5 to analyze the European way to accommodate religion in the public space).


This event is restricted to the consortium partners.


Below you can find attached the Programme for this event:

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