Due to the completion of the RELIGARE project, this website is no longer active. The site contains an archive of RELIGARE project outputs and offers a resource for visitors to browse RELIGARE publications, event reports and project information. The RELIGARE coordination team

Welcome to the RELIGARE Project!

The RELIGARE project is about religions, belonging, beliefs and secularism in Europe. It examines the legal rules protecting or limiting (constraining) the experiences of religious or other belief-based communities. Where the practices of communities or individuals do not conform to State law requirements, or where communities turn to their own legal regimes or tribunals, the reasons behind these developments need to be understood. 


The RELIGARE project is a three-year European research project funded by the European Commission Directorate General Research - Unit L Science, Economy and Society. It comprises 13 universities and research centres from across the European Union and Turkey. read more

Latest news and updates

19 December 2013

In December 2013 RELIGARE was selected for an award by KU Leuven as one of four outstanding FP7 projects. 


To learn why RELIGARE was selected watch the KU Leuven video

19 November 2013

The final report of the RELIGARE project has now been published. Download the report to read a synthesis of RELIGARE's key findings and recommendations.

03 June 2013

This booklet has been conceived with the aim of distilling the essence of the RELIGARE project to inform the policy-making process.



10 May 2013

The new RELIGARE Policy Brief by Silvio Ferrari analyses the Policy Dilemmas and provides Recommendations on Religious Symbols and Dress Codes in Public Spaces across the EU (RELIGARE Policy Brief No. 3 / 2013).

05 April 2013

New RELIGARE Policy Brief by Mathias Rohe on 'Religion, Family and the Law - Innovative Approaches to Law and Policy' (RELIGARE Policy Brief No. 2 / 2013).